I have to take some time to publicly thank two people who have been with me every step of this journey- my mom and my husband. (I feel like I'm giving an Oscars acceptance speech minus the ballgown and shiny trophy and annoying host!) My mom is Grandma extraordinaire, especially since there are 4 of … Continue reading Thankful


My surgery is tomorrow. HOLY SHIT MY SURGERY IS TOMORROW. I've been trying to keep myself busy and not obsess over MAJOR SURGERY TOMORROW. The boys and I all went to Target this morning to get out of the house, and they must know something is going on because they listened to me the entire … Continue reading TOMORROW!


One of my amazingly wonderful friends had a few questions on my latest Facebook blog link post, and I have lots of answers! I figured I'd do it here for posterity, and as a reference for anyone reading this who I'm not FB friends with! She asked: Andrea, after the surgery, what types of food … Continue reading Questions?